Get Involved

The driving force behind ARTIST is the ARTIST Club. This is a private consortium that exists to promote the ARTIST approach and methodology. It is a forum for the cross-fertilization of business and research opportunities. The ARTIST Club works according to a commonly agreed roadmap covering promotional activities and the technical stewardship of the open source results. It is governed by a legal contract.

The club provides benefits to commercial providers using the results and software of the ARTIST project because the promotion of ARTIST promotes all of its providers. It provides a meeting places with suppliers and customers, with commercial and partnering opportunities. The Club provides its members the way to ensure their priorities are reflected in the development roadmap for the OS software.

Researchers benefit too, from the ability to link their work to the Club and its commercial suppliers, thus enhancing their reputation and cross promoting their work as part of the overall promotion of the approach. The liaison between high class research centres and industry is a two way street. The researchers benefit from validating their work in a commercial context and from the exploitation opportunities it provides. The Club provides an incubator of spin offs and start-ups. At the same time the commercial organisations gain insight into the cutting edge of research and an opportunity to explore future research alliances and collaborations.

For those unable to commit resources to the Club, there is the option of becoming an Associate. This gives certain access to the Artist Club and certain uses of the Artist Club branding, but does not allow voting rights.

Want to get involved? Contact us ( for details of how your organisation can benefit from the Club and how you can play a role in the development of ARTIST.