Standardization report and follow-up roadmap M36


The purpose of this document is threefold. Firstly, it aims to summarize the standards related activities carried out in the timeframe of the project. Secondly, it updates the strategy already defined in M6 and updated in M18. Thirdly, it aims to describe which the next steps are in standard-related activities beyond the existence of the project. This is a key document wrapping the work being carried out in all technical workpackages.

The ARTIST standardization strategy has the following goals:

  1. All ARTIST tools should be based on standards in order to foster the uptake of the ARTIST solution by the industry. Members of the Special Interest Group (SIG) have expressed this requirement in order for ARTIST to have a wide impact in the industry.
  2. Evaluate if any of the results can contribute to extend existing standards. Should this be the case, evaluate then how they can be extended and the procedure to follow
  3. Evaluate if any of the results can have an impact as a new standard. Should this be the case, evaluate which standardization body is the most suitable one, and which procedures these bodies have.

This strategy has been realized and ARTIST Tools are based on standards from different organization committees. Furthermore, significant effort is being devoted to include a metric definition template mechanism for better abstraction in the ISO 19086 standard, and to have the SbSp certification model listed in ENISA’s Cloud Certification Scheme List.

The document is structured as follows. Section 1 summarizes the standards that have been used in the ARTIST solution. Section 2 presents the standardization strategy defined for ARTIST. Section 3 discusses the next steps regarding this matter after the project finishes through the ARTIST club. Finally, section 4 presents the conclusions and future steps.