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In order to use ARTIST for migrating your application, and it is the first time you do it, the best thing is to launch the Methodology Process Tool (MPT) to guide you in the overall process. As this is an Eclipse-based tool, in order to install it the best choice is to use the Update Site prepared with all Eclipse based tools. If you are an experience migration engineer, you will not need the support of the MPT and you will be able to launch the tools by your own, but for early adopters, MTP is highly recommended.

Once installed, the first thing you have to do is to analyze how feasible is the migration from business and technical perspectives. Thus, you have to use the pre-migration tools in this order:

  • Maturity Assessment Tool (MAT) (to be launched from MPT or through this link). This tool will position the current status of your application with respect to cloud and how far you are from your goal. It is a simple web based application that you do not need to install, just run it!

  • Business Feasibility Tool (BFT). This tool will give you some insights to envisage how your business model in the cloud will be. To install and run the tool, please follow the instructions provided in section 3 of ARTIST Quick Guide. This tool cannot be launched from MPT and it is not included in the Update Site facility.

  • Technical Feasibility Tool (TFT). This tool will give you some metrics about how difficult will be to migrate your application technically speaking. You can follow the instructions provided in the ARTIST Quick Guide, section 2. One of the plugins that will be installed corresponds to TFT function.

  • Then, a consolidated report is provided to the decision maker in the organization to take the decision of migrating or not. This report combines results obtained from the precious tools and can be generated form the MAT tool.

If the decision is to migrate, next step is to customize the ARTIST methodology to your own case by following the steps indicated in the MPT. Once you have the methodology customized, MPT will guide you through all the steps to follow in different phases and which tools you must launch. All the required Eclipse tools would have been installed with the Update Site for a Java migration project.

In case you are migrating a .NET project, the Update Site is not needed for you. In this case, you must install the tools indicated in ARTIST Quick Guide, section 4.

In case you need to use the ARTIST Repository for Visual Studio, you may find how to install the client at section 6.

Additionally to the migration process, ARTIST provides you of tools for benchmarking the cloud providers, for profiling your application and classifying it. These tools will help you in selecting the best cloud provider for your migrated application. The instructions for these tools can be seen in section 5 of ARTIST Quick Guide.

Once the migrated application is running, you can monitor its availability by using the 3Alib tool which instructions can be found at ARTIST Quick Guide in section 5.3.

If you want to have a look at the code or contributing to any of the tool you may find the source code of all the open tools at

For each tool you may find the license information, the link to the source code, the documentation with the description of the tool and a video about how to use it.

If you want to see a demo of a migration project by using ARTIST, step by step, you may have a look at this video.

If you want us to help you in migrating your project, we offer a supporting service. Please contact us for more information at