Current status

After three years, the project has already produced a final migration methodology, three iterations of the supporting software tools and a second version of deployed use cases. This means that all research challenges have been already afforded and they have been implemented into tangible assets that have been tested and evaluated by the four use cases. The project has also published the final release of open source code for all public tools. Some software developers and potential adopters have tested and provided feedback about our tools.

The dissemination and communication activities have been accompanying the different phases of the project, promoting the project assets, news and events and generating the required material for supporting that. Exploitation of the results has been in project’s plan from the very beginning in the project by conducting from M1 a market analysis, business models envisioning and sustainability plan elaboration contributed and agreed by all partners. The ARTIST Club has been defined and set up with the signature of an agreement among most of the partners for supporting the ARTIST brand in the future. Besides ARTIST is now an incubated project at OW2.

The collaboration with other projects has reached in this project more ambitious goals than usually in this kind of projects. Some joint publications with ModaClouds and PaSaage about CloudML and benchmarking have been accepted in relevant conferences. In terms of standardization, the project is aligned with several existing standards (KDM, UML, MARTE, ATL, ITIL, SPEM, TOSCA, ISO).

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