Open Source At a Glance

Open source package overview

In order to maximize the impact of its results, to the benefit of its partners as well as of the wider scientific and technological European communities, ARTIST dissemination team decided to identify and approach existing OS communities. With respect to ARTIST IRP decisions, the dissemination team built a strategy on top of existing project results that can be communicated to third parties. The strategy is accessible here.

Each partner was able to use the strategy and action plans to encourage a wide community to adopt or contribute to the ARTIST framework. All these actions will be aligned and timely driven by the ARTIST open source releases of the ARTIST open source package.

Open source package and ARTIST methodology

The following figure presents the phases that are set out by ARTIST project to act as baseline to ensure a smooth operation of all the developed tools that are associated with the migration of a non-cloud software application to new IT paradigms like SOA-based technologies and Cloud platforms.

By clicking each one of the blocks, the visitor of the page is re-directed to the respective tools that are operating the activities of the phase.


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